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Nils Oscar God Lager 5.3%ABV

The Nils Oscar Brewery is almost unique in controlling the whole lager brewing process. The company owns the farm where the grain is grown, malts the grain in its own malt house and brews the beer all under one roof, thereby ensuring total control and the upmost quality from grain to glass.

God Lager means - "Good Lager" which is exactly what you get with this unpasteurized devine beer...

Dark orange-gold in colour. Cold-fermentation lagered beer with a soft and sweetish fluffy nose; gently toasty, a juicy malty biscuity character, a restrained citrus orange in the background.

Initial impressions on the palate are of its intense bitterness and a lasting dry finish that is reminiscent of the breakfast cereal Grape Nuts; or imagine a hay barn in the summer when it hasn’t rained for a while and you can almost taste the dryness in the air.

The beer delivers a vigorous piney and resiny palate-scrubbing effect to the palate, there’s also a light bittersweet side to it; this is a sexy Marilyn Monroe of a lagered beer, a beer that sways onto the palate expressing big bold flavour colours as well as soft and seductive notes.

Adrian Tierney-Jones


The Nils Oscar Brewery and Distillery has won several medals in Swedish and International brewing competitions. The company is often praised in beer reviews and journalists tend never to stop liking and writing about the Nils Oscar products.

Today, Nils Oscar is a well known player and has a big role in the Swedish food and beverage culture. The design of the bottle and label has also been highly appreciated and has won many awards in the most prestigious, commercial and advertising competition in Sweden.

Oz Clarke, famous British wine, beer and gourmet journalist selected a couple of Nils Oscar beers while reviewing Northern European beers for the Swedish magazine Gourmet. Many, many more magazines and journalists have selected the Nils Oscar products in their reviews as the years have passed.

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